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Sep, 2020

Return to Play Update

To: All MSC Members & Families

Regarding: Fall 2020 Season Code of Conduct & Return to Play Protocol

As we close in on the start of our fall soccer season and begin preparations for practices & games, I would like to remind all members that MSC has instituted (Update 9/6/20) a Return to Play (RTP) policy that can be found on our website and MUST be followed by all players, coaches, referees, opponents, families & spectators.

This policy has been put in place by the MSC board & approved by our governing body, PA West.  For many months, we have all been waiting very patiently for the opportunity to get our kids outside and onto the soccer fields.  Now we have that opportunity.   As an MSC member, we must not compromise this opportunity with personal opinions, obstinance and selfishness.  To continue to have a fall season, all MSC members need to come together and respect our kids’ wishes to play this season!  If that means we need to sacrifice some distance away from a playing field, a limited attendance & wearing masks during the entire game/practice, then let’s make sure we don’t let our kids down.

If your athlete is participating in our U6 or U8 programs, you only need to make sure you have read our RTP policy before attending practices/games & understand that your athlete will only be playing games against other MSC teams.

If your athlete is participating in our U10 Eagles, U12 Eagles, U10 Travel, U12 Travel or U14 Travel programs, you need to make sure you have read our RTP policy before attending practices/games & understand that your athlete will be playing teams from other communities.  For all MSC home games, the away teams must follow MSC’s RTP Protocol.  For all MSC away games, MSC parents, coaches, players must follow the more strict of the two clubs’ RTP protocol without argument or looking for loopholes & gray areas. 

Every young athlete had a guardian sign MSC’s Return to Play Waiver before stepping on the field this year, agreeing to the RTP terms.  Therefore, anyone in attendance for any player, must respect & follow the same protocol.  Should MSC become aware of anyone in attendance not following protocol, not respecting/following the other team’s protocol or creating a situation by arguing a protocol will be asked to leave.  All coaches are aware that if a situation escalates among attendees, the game will automatically be cancelled & forfeited, leaving our athletes embarrassed, upset and missing out on the one thing they’ve wanted to do for months.

MSC respects all decisions & should any MSC member who has already registered their athlete, choose not to play this season due to the RTP protocols, a full refund will be given up until September 16th.  A 50% refund will be given to any member choosing to cancel their athlete’s registration from September 17th through October 1st.  After October 1st, no refund will be given.  Please contact [email protected]

Remember, this is truly for the kids!  Let us all do our part to make this a great experience, prove that youth sports can proceed safely and take satisfaction that our kids finally get to play the sport they love.  Contact MSC at [email protected] to report any MSC protocol issues.

Thank you in advance!

Caleb Kyper

Monroeville Soccer President


[email protected]