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Monroeville Soccer Club

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Monroeville Soccer Club?

Monroeville Soccer Club (MSC) is a soccer club serving the area of the Gateway School District (Monroeville and Pitcairn, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania). Our bylaws specify only that we are a “soccer club”; in practice, we offer only youth soccer activities.

How old does my child have to be to play soccer in MSC?

Monroeville Soccer Club has programs for children starting at age 4. In addition we offer a Tiny Tykes Fundamental Soccer program in partnership with Challenger Sports for children starting at age 2. 


What is the playing season?

We have a fall session (roughly September and October) and a spring session (roughly April and May). Usually when you register in the fall you will register for both seasons at once and you will be on the same team for both the fall and spring seasons.  


When is registration?

Registration (and travel tryouts, if held) are usually in May or early June for the fall season. Registration for the spring season is usually open in January or February. We strongly encourage anyone interested in playing travel soccer to attend the tryouts for the fall season as typically there are no additional trouts and limited if any travel roster spots available in the spring.


What do these age groups like “U10” mean?

Age groups are now determined by a child's birth year. You can find your child's age group by using the chart located here. In general, teams are normally formed from even-numbered age groups (so that a U10 team has U9 and U10 players). However some travel teams may be formed with odd years as well. 


What activities does MSC offer?

We offer league play as well as occasional clinics and workshops. For details on our programs and age groups visit our In-House Program and Travel Program pages on this website. 


Do boys and girls play together?

In U6, yes and possibly U8 depending on the numbers of children registered. It is also sometimes necessary to form mixed travel teams (which compete in the boys' leagues) because of the number of players involved. We feel it is better to field a co-ed team than to deny 15 or 20 kids the chance to play. 
The U14 Eagles League also plays with Coed teams. 


Where are games played?

All U6 and U8 games (and U10 home games) are played on fields 1 through 13 at Monroeville Community Park West. Home travel games are usually played at MCP West, MCP East or Valley Field. 


How are teams formed?

The U6 and U8 teams are formed at random or by neighborhood or school. The U10 in-house teams are selected in a draft by the coaches. Travel teams are selected by a committee based mostly on a tryout process but also includes coaches' evaluations. This committee also recommends the level at which the travel teams play.


How do the rules differ from what I might see on TV?

U13 and up play a full 11v11 game (meaning eleven players on the field for each team). U12 and below play “small-sided soccer” which is less than 11 player on the field per team depending on the age group. U6 does not use goalkeepers. For U16 and below the games are shorter than the “official” 45-minute halves also depending on the age groups. 


What equipment will I need to buy?

The registration fee includes game uniforms (shirts, shorts and socks) for in-house and travel players. Shin guards and soccer cleats are required for all players for both games and practice. Players should always bring an adequate supply of water (or sports drink) with them to games and practices, as well as a properly inflated ball of the appropriate size (size 3 for U6/U8; size 4 for U10/U12; size 5 for older groups). Jewelry (including starter earrings) may not be worn during games and is discouraged at practices.


Will my child get to play?

MSC rules require that each player play at least 50% of each game. Exceptions can be made for injury, illness or discipline. Each coach will usually have a policy regarding practice attendance and playing time (generally more of an issue for travel teams than in-house teams).


When are games played?

In-house & Eagles games are usually played on Saturdays between 9:00am and 2:30pm. Travel games are played on Sundays. They usually do not start before 1:00pm.


What is this Cup soccer that I keep hearing about?

Cup, or classic, soccer offers a higher level of play for more skilled and/or more motivated players. Teams are usually made up of players from several communities and are formed by competitive tryouts which are often invitational. League play is generally on Saturdays; there are also occasional weekend tournaments. Some of the classic leagues are sanctioned by organizations other than PA West or US Youth Soccer.


How far do we have to travel for travel games?

For the lower divisions (5 and 6), travel is limited to the East District of PA West (roughly a triangle with Pittsburgh, Indiana and Somerset as corners). Division 4 covers all of PA West (roughly the western half of Pennsylvania) and part of West Virginia, so trips to Erie, State College and Morgantown are a possibility.


So, what are these divisions you just mentioned?

Travel leagues are divisions 4, 5 or 6. Basically, the lower the number, the higher the quality of play (either more skilled players or teams that have been together for a while). The Sunday travel leagues have limits on the number of classic players that can be on the rosters.